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You May Be Wondering..

1. Are people really making money with this?

Yes over 5.4 Million in live deposits have been trusted to be managed by Alpha Pro. Our clients & students make consistent profits and withdrawals using the exact forex trading software you get instant access to as a subscriber to our platform.

2. Will the software open and close trades for me?

Yes, Alpha is designed to run 100% handsfree. Once installation is complete the rest is set to run in the background automagically in our cloud environment.

3. What is the most drawdown I can expect?

Data from the past 3 years show on default settings the software does not surpass more than 35% drawdown. It follows a unique recovery protocol, Hard equity control, & includes dynamic stop losses that auto adjust to the daily range.

4. Do I need to check it every day and change settings?

Once you set it up, it runs on complete autopilot as an accelerated savings account. It’s optional to change and adjust settings to suit your goals and risk appetite. Alpha was created to execute, manage & and close trades in profit for you automagically.

5. How much potential profit can I expect Monthly?

By following the user manual & software training, past data suggests the expected monthly profits on default settings are 3% to 15%. For more detailed data: Low risk settings: (3-9% per month) (Medium risk : 9-15% per month) (high risk: 15-30% per month)

6. Is there a performance fee?

No there is no performance fee on your profits like you would find at a hedge fund. Since this is truly your own personal mini ATM, What we instead have in place is an extremely fair tiered payment system. You pay for your license & tiered upgrades for server allocation based on thresholds Experience true passive profits with the most trusted and consistently profitable Forex trading software. Alpha Pro